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Designing and manufacturing dies
Through meetings with the client from the product design stage, we aim to thoroughly understand the product specification and ensure quality. At the meetings, we can make various proposals for quality and cost. Through spending ample time during prototyping, we gain an improved view of the special characteristics of the product, leading to a shortening of lead time. We believe this process allows us to pass on cost benefits to the client, In regard to repair and maintenance of mass-produced dies, we manage timely delivery to the client through our end-to-end data control system.

Single and progressive dies for metal stampings
Based on prduct specification, and paying attention to important matters in the stamping process, along with product usage information, etc. provided from the Technical Division, our highly experienced metal workers fabricate to the highest levels of productivity and precision, leading to the client satisfaction. We are able to offer high precision stamping for low volume production with our 25ton to 300ton press machines.

Welding, assembling, and swaging pressed parts
On the basis of accumulated data, we select welding conditions suitable to each product for spot and CO2 robot welding to maintain high levels of quality. We ensure that destructive testing designated for each product and day-to-day record maintenance are performed in the exmination of the weld strength of critical parts, regarding weld as a special process. After press working, we are able to offer assembling, swaging, tapping, etc. as secondary processing.

Line of business ( automotive and home electric appliance parts )
Air bags, seat belts, ABS/VDCs, carburetors, fuel injectors, ASRs, gasoline filters, air brakes, oil brakes, thermostats, exhaust brakes, OA equipment, home electric appliances, etc. Our skilled personnel are working hard toward improving productivity and product quality. Kodaka always aims to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Head quarter Factory
86 Horinouchi Odawara Kanagawa 250-0853 Japan.
tel: (81) 465 36 0011 fax: (81) 465 36 9103

Otomo Factory
83 Nishiotomo Odawara Kanagawa 250-0212 Japan.
tel: (81) 465 37 2501 fax: (81) 465 37 2503


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